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Skyline IFE releases "Vicky and Her Mystery" to airlines
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Skyline IFE releases "Vicky and Her Mystery" to airlines

Skyline IFE is pleased to announce their recent acquisition of the delightful family movie Vicky and Her Mystery, holding exclusive worldwide rights excluding France and French overseas territories and possessions.

Following the sad loss of his wife, Stéphane decides to move to the beautiful mountains of Cantal to try and reconnect with his 8-year-old daughter Vicky who has not spoken a word since the death of her mother. During a walk in the woods, a shepherd introduces Vicky to ‘Mystery’, a young puppy who she secretly takes home and hides. This is the beginning of a new encounter which brings joy back into her life - but what type of dog is Mystery and will Vicky be able to keep him?

Inspired by a true story, “Vicky and Her Mystery” follows a widowed father’s move to the mountains with his 8-year-old daughter, who, shaken by her mother’s death has stopped talking. One day, after getting lost walking in the forest, Vicky and her father turn to a shepherd for help. Vicky finds a lovely puppy in an out-building at the shepherd’s house. Who couldn’t fail to bond with a cuddly young pup? Vicky desperately hopes to be able to keep him.

Directed by Denis Imbert with a well-known French cast including Vincent Elbaz, Eric Elmosnino and Marie Gillain, the movie introduces the young Shana Keil in the lead role.

Gaumont reteamed with Radar Films, the producers of “Belle and Sebastian,” to produce “Vicky and Her Mystery,” another family-friendly adventure film.The first movie in the Belle and Sebastian trilogy grossed 30 million euros ($33 million) worldwide and travelled to 50 territories.“Vicky and Her Mystery”is definitely not to be missed!

Acquisition background from Richard Barsby, Managing Director at Skyline IFE: “We were first introduced to the script for Vicky and Her Mystery at Berlin Film Festival in 2020. What a wonderful heart-warming story. Production was delayed during the pandemic but this movie was well worth the wait. We’re all in need of a ‘tail’ which makes us ‘paws’ for thought. This movie is perfect in-flight entertainment for all the family.”

Contact now for early-bird pricing, then invite your passengers to relax, sit back and enjoy, as part of your 2022 IFE schedule.