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About our Inflight Entertainment website(s):

We have two integrated websites:

InflightEntertainment.media - where you can find out about all our ancillary services including boarding music, iPram, Pram, safety cards and videos and other inflight services.

Inflight.movie - our fabulous world cinema movie library displaying an extensive range of movies carefully selected for inflight entertainment. These include new releases, early window, classic cinema and a catalogue of movie titles in many genres and languages. Inflight.movie also provides an intuitive search facility, enabling registrants to search for inflight movies meeting the criteria of their choice.

Menu options for both sites appear on the right on desktops or via the 'burger' on mobiles. You can search for movies using the search icon on mobiles. To navigate from inflight.movie to inflightentertainment.media simply use the plane icon.

About us:

Skyline IFE provides IFE related services to over forty airlines. World cinema is our speciality.
We also have years of experience in producing top quality audio, TV programme channels, music video channels, destination programs, mindfulness videos, as well as special productions including safety media, consultancy and training, duplication and technical services.

We take pride in our customer services and you will find a refreshing 'can do' attitude from our team. We tailor our processes to meet your needs and deadlines.

Established in 1980, by two professional radio broadcasters with a flair for the air, we know Inflight Entertainment for the airline industry inside and out. We also have longevity.

Why make your journey to source your IFE a tiring, multi-stop process when you can come to Skyline IFE, a reputable supplier, for all your IFE and CSP requirements?

Skyline IFE is based in a converted school building in the heart of the English countryside approx. two hours drive from Heathrow, ninety minutes from Gatwick and an hour from Stanstead, Norwich or Luton.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your company to enhance its IFE.

We'd love to fly with you!